Professional Development Task writing for software teams.

One Human-AI interface to write and communicate tasks with any internal or offshore dev teams.

Every software team needs a solution architecture to design and describe tasks in relation to specific business problems. A well-run, effective development process is within your reach.

Start with simple solution request defining your problem. Then add collaboration through the platform, and finally push the development tasks to a dev team.

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"Collecting feedback is important, while delivering on that feedback is paramount. Early in the product-market-fit search, we really need to go from product feedback into an execution plan of how are we going to get this delivered to the customer today, this week, this month? Focus has to be in the speed of the experiments and execution."

-- Dima Syrotkin, Panda Training

Solution Architecture you will actually enjoy!

Imagine that, as the CEO or Product Manager, you find yourself in a situation in which the features and development tasks you demand are not understood. You don't really know if you are "Ready to Develop"?

Developers either don't get anything done, you have to request fixes to delivered services or you end up holding meetings to explain what should actually be done. All while your feel the opportunities on the market slip away and your cashflow revenue is just not growing.

We can help!

Login to Sprinthack. Enter with a free-text your feature need or bug problem. In return you get professional development task written for you that you can share with your team or request offshoring them on your behalf. It all takes just hours instead of weeks.

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We help you with the "building stuff"-part

Build Momentum with Cycles

The human-AI verification solution enable you to write automatically clear task requirements. Each development task is build for you based on your free text, enabling verification and checks on quality.

Set Direction with Roadmaps

The product should build by empowered teams, that focus on problems, rather than just implement features. Key in this is how you organise opportunities under "cycle roadmaps".

Execute Development

We output all the needed documents from usecases, integrated to your development environment like Jira, Trello or Linear. We even can manage all the outsourcing and offshoring if needed.

Product related skills are becoming so complex that, quite frankly, product departments cannot keep up anymore. We help with collaborative and cloud based service. Empower the whole team to do product management, request help from the experts and have one source of truth for the market needs.

Why you need Solution Architecture?

  • 2/3 of the project fail to reach positive ROI due to mismatch in communication, design and definition between business and development.
  • Digital transformation of everything in societies require more and more agile solution focused planning.
  • According to our study: 89% of projects do not deliver expected used needs or tech debt becomes complex to cost effectively maintain a solution.
  • Therefore: Solution Architecture belongs to the list of most important practises executed before any tech solution development begins.

Processes for a great development process?

Two Data Streams

Instead of just having a one data stream of market data, you should simultaniously start pulling tech data. This way you are constantly up to date what the market and tech solution is shaping up.

Write tasks in Cycles

Instead of just dumping tasks on to a backlog, you should group tasks into cycles that solve and test a specific action. You know which actions to focus by designing an action diagrams first.

Manufacturing mindset

Instead of purely hiring full-time developers and requiring them to have all kinds of tech skills, you should focus on integration knowledge and try offshore pure tech implementations.

How we do it?

All you need to do is to have stakeholders send a request. Sprinthack will do the rest.

Works where you work

We provide a Sprinthack platform to handle architecture, and you can integrate to push the tasks with you choice of a platform like Trello, Jira, Linear, Asana, Slack or even just good old Email.

Where to start?

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