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Strategy tool for supercharged decision making

The reason we tie systematic reporting to strategy is to be able to make well-educated decisions faster than ever

In the essence we offer easy-to-use portfolio management and coaching platform for investors. You have one place for systematic accountability of the actions a company has done and the next steps.

Analysis data outside traditional "CEO letter" of actions

Make sure investment actions are ethical

Provide feedback to the teams

Portfolio Management

See your portfolio innovation sprints and learning in one place. Sprinthack Datalake automatically maps your investment business design tractions. No more manual of calls, emails and random forms to chase after when you need the data.

Unique Analysis

Sprinthack has options for you to provide powerful background process to validate team learning. Such market insights are usually a key unfair advantage for any business, and provides unique opportunity to analyse a company future potential.


AI driven and human investor coaching available with Sprinthack to support and improve the focus of the company current actions.

Communicate your constant progress

You know, it is easy to be agile, but can you also be accountable?

Easy communication with stakeholders

Sprinthack is one place to report, communicate and learn with Agile Coaching based structured platform. The platform will remind, guide, coach and help you drill to the core of the problems you are solving.

Will help you to focus

AI-coaching on a push of a button or find your human coach as a service. Integrate to provide the info to your development team tools and get Digital Twin to handle reminders to fetch team opinion and coaching on each sprint.

Build a product based on facts

Shipping is more important than perfection. Sprinthack build you evidence and validation list on what works and what doesn't. This focus is what can make or brake your company.

Sprint Platform


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Analysis tools for Investors

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VC team


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Enterprise Controllers


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